Eat to Live Day 9

Today was fruit day. Just wait and see…

Breakfast: Banana, flax, blood orange and kiwi
Lunch: Salad- mixed greens, spinach, carrots, onion, cucumber PLUS 1 blood orange, 1 clementine, 1 kiwi and 1 mango, 1/2 oz walnuts
Dinner: salad (mixed greens, carrot, onion) and chana massala (I promise, quick and easy recipe coming soon), with 1/4 cup of rice
Both salads had a bit more of that strawberry dressing from yesterday (whole strawberries, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar).

That would be SEVEN whole fruits in one day. I think that may be a record for me!

The last few days have been quite doable. I won’t say that I don’t want other foods, but I’m not feeling like I’m starving or anything. I think one of the things that I have to work on is not feeling like I have to have something now because I subconsciously feel like I won’t be able to have it again.

When I was a kid, I was already overweight. Always have been. My younger brother was not. So, my mom bought junk food for him, not for me, and I got into the habit of food hoarding, because I wanted junk too. So when it was available, I would scarf down as much as I could. When I first went vegan, I didn’t have access to a lot of vegan junk food, both because of where I lived and the fact that a lot of the (vegan) junk foods hadn’t been developed yet. Now that we have so much vegan junk available, I buy up way more than I need whenever I see it. So, instead of buying one “treat” for the week, I buy six treats. I’m not sure if that’s because I think I won’t be able to get back to the store for a while (which is bogus, I probably go to the grocery store an average of two times a week, with the different stores I go to for different stuff), or because I just don’t notice how much it is when I’m buying one of this or one of that, but I definitely buy too much.

Heck, I’ve overdone with the buying on the veggies over the last week. I know I need a lot, but I end up buying too much, and with veggies, they’ll spoil. (So far haven’t had to toss too much, but that’s due to using every trick I can think of to extend the life of veggies). It’s a problem. One I need to figure out.

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