Eat to Live Day 10

I had a minor fail today. Vinegars are on the okay list as far as using for a salad dressing. So, I’ve been buying every cool vinegar I can find. I had been looking for Ume Plum Vinegar before I started this whole thing, so when I spotted it, I got it. Then I thought I’d try it on my salad this evening.

Turns out it contains salt. A fair amount of salt. The thing is, I figured this out before I used it, and I used it anyway, because I really wanted to try it. Man, that salad tasted awesome, with just a sprinkle of vinegar…

It was also a tough day. I overslept (forgot to reset the alarm after shutting it off for the holiday yesterday), woke up to a ton of ice all over my car, and was really busy once I got to work. It was a hard day for taking the time to eat. I was able to eat my breakfast (I usually eat before I get to work these days, but today I didn’t have much choice) and my salad at lunchtime, but it wan’t easy. I didn’t get to eat all the other fruit I brought with me, but after yesterday, I think that might be okay. 🙂

Breakfast: Banana and flax, coconut water
Lunch: salad (chard, mixed greens, carrots, onion, red pepper, cucumber, rosemary, parsley and grapes, with the last of the strawberry dressing from the weekend) and chickpeas
Snack: Honeycrisp apple, 1/2 oz walnuts
Snack: Chickpeas with spicy tomato sauce
Dinner: same salad as above with the aforementioned vinegar, red lentil and carrot soup with 1/2 cup rice

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