Eat to Live Day 11

I am getting sick of salad. I really don’t know how people eat 2 big green salads EVERY DAY, especially in the winter. I made a lovely salad Monday night, but the greens are going fast, and it’s well before they’re date. I was supposed to eat the last of it with lunch today, but so many of the leaves were slimy! I had the same problem with the bunch that I washed and dried with the salad spinner, and hadn’t added anything to yet. So, I need to go to the store, but I won’t be home until late tomorrow, and I won’t be home over the weekend, so it seems like such a waste… fortunately, there is a small salad bar at work. Not great stuff, but it will do for tomorrow and Friday.

I also wasn’t feeling great this morning. Not anything specific, just out of sorts. I was glad I had soup.

Breakfast: banana with flax
Snack: Kiwi
Lunch: Part of a green salad (leftovers from yesterday), red lentil and carrot soup (very filling!)
Dinner: Black bean soup and rice

Yes, I should have had more fruit and more veggies today. I just so didn’t feel like it today. I wanted warm comfort food. I’m feeling again today that this is hard.

The good news is, I’m done with this in a month.

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