Eat to Live Day 7

I made it through a full week! Five more to go!

Today showcased the dangers of letting oneself get too hungry. About two hours after breakfast, I was starving, but was supposed to go out. An emergency salad and beans were had which saved the day, but if you don’t have much available on hand that can be made quickly, you might want to do bad things, like go have a melty vegan cheese-y veggie burger and fries. Which I wanted to do, but did not. Otherwise, today was fine. Plus, I ate salad greens like potato chips. I won’t say they were better than chips, but they weren’t bad.

Breakfast: Banana and flax, with a kiwi. (wondering how I eat the “banana and flax” everyday, since it might seem weird? I mash the banana. It probably says that in an earlier post… I usually add some cinnamon, too).
Lunch: Green salad (herb greens and baby spinach) with lemon juice and pinto beans.
Snack: Granny Smith apple.
Dinner: Chana massala with 1/2 cup rice (yes, again. It’s awesome and easy to prepare. Recipe to come soon!)
Snack: Greens, eaten out of the box while watching TV. Like potato chips!

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